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Get my book. The daily mindset design

Do you want to do a deep dive into your Human Design? 

This (free!) 5 day package will start you off perfectly with daily journaling prompts specific to your human design, right now to every single detail! 

So grab your chart, and let’s dive into your design!



Love is my Religion

Influenced by Eastern and Asian cultures who have used whole foods for healing for centuries, Hāla‘i Healing Place encourages a natural lifestyle based upon ancient wisdom.

With loving support and guidance on the wholesome benefit of eating foods specific to your individual health, constitution, and climate where you reside you may expect to establish healthy habits for enhanced well being. For instance, some foods are more cooling for certain conditions of the body, others are more warming, some are cleansing, some are building, etc.

“Practical knowledge from the Human Design System inspires those who are ready to share their uniqueness with the world.

– Gloria

Step into your true nature, unveil your soul self and embrace a heart-led life. Gloria’s unique blend of shamanic healing and soul guidance enables you to find your freedom and sovereignty in body, mind and soul.



You are a limitless soul and you are deserving and worthy of living a consciously aligned life that is wilder than your wildest dream.

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